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Proven Data Provider

MediVu is a proven, trusted, innovative leader in healthcare interoperability.

Actionable Insights

The healthcare industry generates an enormous amount of data, and much of it is “messy” and unusable. That’s especially true for clinical data, which holds the greatest potential to improve health and reduce costs. Our technology provides you with clean and simple data, customized for each payer’s unique needs. We help you transition to a data-driven strategy, empowering you to better manage the health of your members – and your bottom line. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

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Our Technology

MediVu’s bidirectional, real-time clinical data exchange provides the ability for healthcare providers to share clinical data with payers, and for payers to share the data they collect with the providers who serve their members.

Our clinical data exchange is payer-and EMR-agnostic, providing an automated solution to improve healthcare and reduce costs for everyone. All data is encrypted and all transmissions occur through a secure portal. MediVu does not retain the data, and its use is for payers and providers only.

EXchange Benefits

• Automatic HEDIS/Care Gap closures
• Reduced telephone calls
• Higher reimbursement rates
• Faster payment of claims
• Faster process for concurrent reviews
• Reduced medical records requests
• Easier appointment scheduling for patients
• Improved medication reconciliation process.
• Care alerts that inform providers when a patient fills a prescription, receives care in an ER or is admitted to or discharged from a hospital.
• LACE scores that help to close care gaps by predicting patient readmissions
• 70,000 pieces of data that strengthen the focus on Social Determinants of Health

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Technology Differentiators

• EMR agnostic
• Works with both cloud-based and on-premise EMRs
• SMART on FHIR applications
• FHIR/API Common Call technology
• V1.1 to v2.1 CCDA Conversion
• API/FHIR clinical data enrichment
• Data quality assurance checks
• Standardized CCDAs for all EMRs
• External call capabilities
• Payer to provider data integration
• Enterprise connectivity
• Formalized onboarding process
• Proven track record
• Patented visualization technology

Patented Visualization Technology

After years of studying how to reduce the cognitive load on users and improve the ability to make tactical decisions based on multiple data points, we created a picture language. Through the use of these smart images, we can represent the complete state of decision data effectively and efficiently.

The ability to obtain situational awareness with a glance allows users to process critical information without disrupting workflow, relate multiple data points into decision making and integrate disparate data from multiple sources into a singular access point. Our technology leverages the brain’s ability to process images thousands of times faster than reading text and retain information three times longer. In this way, we make critical information more actionable .

Covered by:

US Patent No. 9613445
US Patent No. 10176608



Connecting 2,000 providers and 371 locations

Focused on healthcare

Clean, fast, actionable data

Excellent customer service



Near real-time connectivity

Patented visualization technology

Bidirectional data at scale

LACE score for providers



Proven track record

Demonstrated ROI

Encrypted data/secure portal

CMS Compliance/quality assurance

MediVu automates and facilitates the fast transfer of data between our two practices and one of our largest payers, eliminating the manual processes we used previously. And their customer service is outstanding!

    Dr. PJ Reddy, MediVu client


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