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Hybrid Technology
Flexible solutions for healthcare challenges
Clinical Data Exchange Marker 2


Our Clinical Data Exchange applications facilitate the seamless exchange of clinical information, elevating the delivery of healthcare. This information then serves to enhance care coordination for members and equips clinicians with pertinent data to enable informed decision-making.

The automatic exchange of CCDs / CCDAs between clinicians and health plans as soon as an encounter is closed for the health plan's member.

Roster Exchange
CCDs / CCDAs request generated from a list of members based on different criteria.

On-Demand Exchange
The ability to retrieve a single member's CCD / CCDA from a participating clinician whenever necessary.

Health Document Interchange
Expand your view with the power to retrieve any attached document from the clinician's EHR.

Member View
A SMART on FHIR application embedded within your EHR to offer direct access and communication to exchange data, streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and empower healthcare stakeholders to optimize care delivery and improve outcomes.

Payer Inform
Health plans can share valuable member data with clinicians using HL7, Direct Messages, Secure HIPAA email, SFTP, and more to enhance interoperability.


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Care Gap Connect Marker 2


MediVu's Care Gap Connect applications facilitate two-way coordination for monitoring, reporting, and resolving Care Gaps among health plan members. Our solutions offer enhanced and inclusive care coordination directly within a clinician's EHR.

Care Gap Exchange
Harness the power of FHIR and EHR API technologies to unlock the full potential of care gap identification and closure.  Integrated directly with healthcare systems, our platform transforms care coordination by delivering real-time insights into patient care gaps and then providing the data to close the measure.

Transition Care Manager
The next level of Care Gap closure is the ability to monitor and manage patient transitions from acute care settings to improve the overall outcomes.  Transition Care Manager provides real-time notification alerts to clinicians of patient admissions and discharges, tracks appointment scheduling for engagement after inpatient discharge, and then provides the encounter closure data for medication reconciliation post-discharge.

Practice View
The Practice View SMART on FHIR application allows healthcare practices to obtain a list of health plan members' open and closed care gaps and upcoming events, all from within your EHR.  This powerful tool provides a single access point for efficient management for all health plans without having to go to a portal or use a floating ribbon.


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HL7 Exchange Marker

The MediVu HL7 Exchange efficiently processes and interprets HL7 messages, allowing organizations to seamlessly exchange data, improve communication, and make informed decisions in the healthcare domain. By effectively receiving, interpreting, and acting upon the data within HL7 messages, MediVu ensures a smooth flow of information and enhances decision-making capabilities.

HL7 Message Processor
Empowers health plans and providers to receive and process HL7 messages from external sources.  Once successfully received and processed, MediVu will take any necessary action the user has defined based on message and data contained in each segment.   Our engine can process ADT, ORM, MDM, ORU, ACK, SIU, just to name a few of the different HL7 message types to integrate multiple data types into your system.  

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